Meet Sarah


 I am a free spirit and mama to two sweet girls. I have been running my business for over 10 years now and studied photography and business at Mohawk college.

I love a good wedding. It melts my heart to bare witness to the celebration of love between two people.

I have photographed over 500 newborns and have trained with some of the top newborn photographers in Canada and the United States. 

Babies and kids steal my heart. Having worked with SO many families over the years, I have worked with children of all ages. Each child has a different little personality. I enjoy capturing it with my camera. It's like I can see the world differently through the focus of a lens.

Let me create art out of your lives. Document it so you are able to look back years from now.

Feel free to shoot me an email to chat more!

sarah martin


Danielle is a huge part of my business and having everything run smoothly. Keeps my artistic brain in check with her organizational skills. She also shoots alongside me for weddings and twin sessions.
Fun fact: Danielle and I are cousins


The minute my oldest daughter was born I knew that I would have to work with babies in some way. Capturing their perfection was the path I chose. I get into a rhythm when I work with them. My love for them is something that I cannot even begin to describe.


These two are the loves of my life.

My Daughters

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